Health Check-Up: The Benefits of Getting one Regularly

When was the last time you were sick or had a health check-up?

If you are like the average adult in the United States, odds are that you get sick between two and four times a year. With the rise in COVID-19 cases, many people forget about all the other ailments and illnesses that are common. 

The best way to protect your health throughout the year is by getting a regular health check-up with a trusted physician. However, many people have forgone their usual check-ups during the pandemic. Or, they have lost access to their health insurance due to a change in employment. 

But don't sacrifice your future health by not going to get an annual check-up now.  

Here is a rundown of all the benefits of getting a regular health check-up as an adult.  

Helps to Catch Major Illnesses Sooner 

Think about it. If the last time you were at the doctor was five or ten years ago, the odds of your doctor finding something potentially serious is likely since your last visit. On the flip side, if you go to the doctor once every six months to a year, your doctor is way more likely to find something while it's small and minor.  

The most important benefit of a routine checkup is that it is the best way to catch major illnesses and diseases before they can take hold in your body. Preventative medicine is your best bet at beating major health problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac issues, and more.  

Can Reduce Your Likelihood of Cancer 

Another primary benefit of getting regular health check-ups is that it can reduce your overall likelihood of getting a serious cancer diagnosis. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States.  

And don't think that you will "know" if you have cancer and think you can catch it on your own. Several types, like cervical, prostate, lung, and colon cancers are often caught in the late stages. Being diagnosed this late makes them extremely difficult to treat successfully.  

Regular health check-ups can allow your doctor to pick up on changes to your organs, blood levels, and bodily functions over time and determine if you should be examined more closely in case it is cancer. Catching a cancer diagnosis early is the number one way to beat it.  

A Regular Health Check-Up Can Prevent Unnecessary Procedures 

On the flip side, regular check-ups can prevent unnecessary panic and procedures. 

For example, you might have a cyst on an organ, such as a kidney. If you go to the doctor regularly, they can monitor it closely over time to see if it continues to get bigger and should be removed, or if it is benign.  

However, if you go without a check-up for a long time, a doctor might see a "new" cyst and immediately think it's cancer. This is because they have no previous images to compare it to and want to take proper action.  

This could mean increased (and unnecessary) medical bills and procedures.  

Lowers Your Total Lifetime Healthcare Costs 

Speaking of medical bills, regular check-ups can help to lower your total healthcare costs over the course of your lifetime. Not only can you catch major illnesses early and avoid costly procedures, but you can also avoid costly prescriptions you might have to take later on.  

Taking care of your health now prevents expensive health complications later in your life.  

Catching things like high blood pressure now can allow you to make life changes to get it under control sooner. This prevents you from having to pay for expensive prescription medications for high blood pressure when you are older.  

Increases Your Quality of Life  

All of this ultimately leads to a higher quality of life. Your health is the most valuable tool you have at your disposal. It allows you to have more energy to spend time with your children and grandchildren. It allows you to be less restricted to doctor appointments, like dialysis when you are older.  

Taking care of your health now allows you to experience so much more throughout your life, without being fatigued or burdened by extra doctor visits.  

It Helps Build a Better Connection With Your Doctor  

Lastly, going for regular check-ups helps you build a better connection with your local doctor. These kinds of relationships are important especially if you are sick and need to be seen right away.  

Many times, doctor's offices have months-long waiting lists to be seen. If you have built a good relationship with your doctor, they will have a vested interest in making sure you are healthy.  

Doctors also see a lot of patients throughout their day. Being proactive in taking care of your health makes you more than just another patient, but a friend.  

Need to Find the Right Medical Team to Fit Your Needs? 

Skipping out on your annual health check-up might save you an hour or two on a Tuesday, but can lead to major consequences down the line. Be sure that you are reaping all the benefits of regular health check-ups, including those mentioned above.  

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